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Aussie jobs for experienced Permanent Hair Removal / Reduction Operator พนง.กำจัดขนที่มี่ประสบการณ์

Jobs for experienced Laser Hair Removal Clinician and/or Electrologist

If you are an experienced Laser Hair Removal Nurse / Technician / Beauty Therapist / Dermal Clinician / Electrologist and have expertise in using for examples,
Candela Gentle YAG and/or Apilus Electrolysis / Epilator, we are looking for you!

Do you have the highest standards in customer service, industry knowledge and a passion for making people look and feel good? We are all about treatment efficacy, results, hygiene and safety - our clients deserve the very best - Is that YOU?

You must have an valid Australianworking visa, such as student visa with work permit, working & holiday visa, PR, Australian citizen or etc.

The ideal candidate:
At least 3 years experienced working with Laser machine(s)and/or electrolysis

*A proven track working record in hair removal either in Australia or other countries.

*Passionate about delivering results.

* Emphasise on
hygiene and safety.

You must have the ability to listen to your client, understand their needs and prescribe, then deliver the appropriate treatments! This includes consultation skills and a sound understanding of skin science and the machines used to treat hair removal.

Why work for us?

* Started from $25+ /hr; and
$35+ /hr for 3 yrs direct working experience.

*Flexible working hours

*We only use medical grade equipment and lasers.

*Positive working environment: such as work-life balance and strong team spirit

The shop is located in Upwey, VIC.

If you have got directly working experience, please apply and send your resume and a covering letter to

Only short listed candidates will be contacted. For candidates with
no directly working experience, please do not apply.

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Only people with directly working experience, please apply.
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